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August 26, 2008, 1:55 am
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As we discussed in class this afternoon, you will be using this blog as a repository for research on issues and technologies related to the objective of designing a progressively designed affordable house.  To begin with you are asked to complete thorough research on a number of topics listed below.  This should manifest as a series of blog posts related to each topic.

Select four topics of investigation to research within the following areas.

Material/Building Systems: This might be something like a cementitious cladding system or a particular material like fiberglass.  Research should include thorough cost information both for materials/systems and for its installation.  Wherever possible thorough specification information should be included along with pertinent detail drawings and precedent examples.

New Technologies:  This is a fairly open area of investigation, but likely topics will fall into either newly accessible sustainable technologies such as wind turbines or water reclamation and smart home technologies that automate processes, create interactive spatial conditions, or otherwise extend the space of the home through digital technologies such as computer controlled illumination.

Social/Cultural Issues:  These topics will likely center around accessibility, federal or state housing programs, the homogeneity of the common American subdivision, cooperative neighborhoods, etc.

Precedents:  Quite simply this would be the research and documentation of a relevant precedent project.

As stated above each of the four investigations you are responsible for should include multiple blog posts, with each post accounting for a sub-topic.  Posts should include media and proper references + citations should be included.

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