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BAMBOO FLOORING by sarahpfeif
September 1, 2008, 7:44 pm
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Bamboo flooring has two different types of manufacturing them: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal flooring is where there are individual slats arranged in a horizontal direction and then joined adjacently with pieces on each side and laminated together. The characteristic nodes are randomly visible in this arrangement.

Vertical bamboo flooring is where a vertical plank will have each piece stood on the narrowest edge and then pressed side to side with laminate. The final look is lined and almost uniform look to the surface of the finished floor.


On, the prices of bamboo flooring vary. The lowest was $1.51 / sf and the highest was $6.97 / sf. Seeing as how budget is an issue in this problem, ifloor is probably the best place to find flooring. Also the selection is quite extensive. Other benefits of bamboo flooring are that the maintenance is easy and it is an easily renewable resource. As a “grass” bamboo grows quickly making it very easy to come by. Bamboo is also highly durable and very resistant to moisture and insects.

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