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Gabions by cyu14

Typically used in retaining walls and for erosion control a gabion is definited by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a basket or cage filled with earth or rocks and used especially in building a support or abutment.”  First used along the Nile thousands of years ago by the Eygptians, the first gabions were constructed with woven reed baskets and stones. These earth ‘cages’  provided protection from flooding and erosion caused by the Nile. Commerically available gabions were introduced in the mid-nineteeth century, and except for advances in welding and cage construction, the gabion retains its rustic appearance and straightforward use. (


Although gabions are traditionally filled with gravel or rocks, the use of recycled construction materials has become a common, cost-effective and sustainable practice.  On average, gabion systems can be as inexpensive as $20/sq. ft.  Additonal information and specifications on modular gabion systems can be found at

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Here’s the book I mentioned in class the other day. “Sustainable Environments.” [na7110.c38 2007] It’s in the GRC

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