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CHA Plan for transformation by tsaeed
September 3, 2008, 1:30 pm
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The Plan for Transformation Plan is a blueprint for the comprehensive renewal of public housing in Chicago. More than 25,000 units of housing will be redeveloped or rehabilitated under the Plan, which also ushered in a variety of programs that help lower-income residents blend into the social and economic fabric of the surrounding city. Adopted in February, 2000, the Plan seeks to institute dramatic changes to Chicago’s public housing over a ten-year period.

The creation of mixed-income communities through redevelopment or rehabilitation of existing CHA property is an important component to deconcentrating poverty as ascribed by the Plan. The CHA achieved great results toward fulfilling its promise to provide new public housing units in mixed-income communities during FY2006 by completing more than 62 percent of the units in the seventh year of the plan.

Mixed-Income Redevelopment

In replacing the high-rises, the CHA is rebuilding on the same land. They are creating new mixed-income communities with contemporary town homes and low-rise buildings, where public housing residents will live in the same neighborhood as people who purchase market rate and affordable homes. Generally, these developments will consist of one-third public housing, one-third affordable housing and one-third market rate homes.

Link to CHA’s website


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