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Shutter & Window Protection Types by mgajdorus86
September 3, 2008, 4:42 pm
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Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters – Corrugated Steel/Aluminum Window Shutters

They attach to the walls with bolts and tracks. The panels are corrugated and come in different styles, which only differ in the positioning of the bolts around the windows. These shutters are the most inexpensive ones of the styles available, and they are strong and removable. On the other hand, they do require storage and can be difficult to handle because of their weight and their sharp edges.

Pros – Low cost

Cons – Not a permanent installation, Heavy, Doesn’t always line up

$7 – $8 / sq. ft.


Accordion Hurricane Shutters – Retractable Aluminum Shutter

These can be divided into different sections and are housed beside the windows, with the ability to fold or unfold as needed. Accordion shutters are easier to handle that panel shutters, but because they are permanently lodged on the sides of the windows, they may disrupt the aesthetic of the home.

Pros – No storage required, Can be set up by one person

Cons – Break easily, Bulky, Not aesthetically pleasing

$16 – $20 / sq. ft.


Colonial Hurricane Shutters – Two Piece Louver

Similar to accordions because they are permanently attached to the wall at the sides of the windows. Colonials, however, are two-piece, louvered shutters that fold together. They are easy to handle, and because they are permanently affixed to the wall, they don’t require any extra storage. However, some types of colonials require a lock bar to be held in place, and they can’t be used on doors.

Pros – Permenant, Can be set up by one person, Decorative

Cons – Not made for doors, Not fully effective without another system

$18 – $20 / sq. ft.


Bahama Hurricane Shutter – Permenant Louver

One-piece louvered shutters that attached above the window, prop open, and are secured to the wall. They have all the benefits of the other styles, but because of their design, they can’t be used on doors.

Pros – Can be set up by one person

Cons – Takes away light, Weaker than other systems, Not made for doors

$18 – $30 /sq. ft.


Roll Down Hurricane Shutter – Aluminum Slat with Polyurethane Foam Fill — Electric/Battery Powered Motor

Are also attached above the window. They are stored in an enclosed box and roll down when needed. The only downside is that they are the most expensive of all these shutter styles, and that if they are battery-operated, a battery backup is needed so they can work during a power outage.

Pros – Permanent, Motor operated with manual override, Easiest to operate, Best storm protection, Best theft deterrent

Cons – Expensive

$ 30 – $55 / sq. ft.


Hurricane Glass – Shatter Resistant Panels with Film Core

This glass is made of a “sandwich” of three layers: two layers of glass enclosing a layer of fiberglass reinforced polymer. These are great alternatives, but the NOAA says that they are not a substitute for shutters. Even though hurricane-proof glass is shatter-resistant, it can still be damaged by wind pressure and debris.

Pros – Practical during construction, No shutter needed, Similar to car windshield

Cons – Glass can break and is pricey to replace



AGI Group

Certified Windows & Doors Florida

South Florida Shutters

Hurricane Shutters Florida

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