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Kick Lighting by mattp614
September 24, 2008, 10:07 pm
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Kick Lighting makes a bunch of neat LED stuff. The one product I’m interested in is an LED ribbon light. It comes in 16 foot lengths and is only about 1/2″ wide. The ribbons can be linked in to form a longer ribbon (up to 55 feet per run) and they can be trimmed at every 3rd LED. They put out 5 watts per foot. A 16 foot roll costs 400 dollars, but when you consider what four- four foot flourescent fixtures and bulbs cost, and considering the LEDs should last 100,000 hours, and the flexibility of a 1/2 inch ribbon, the price is pretty fair. The pictures above were in my room with the lights off. They wouldn’t be a primary source of light, but would be a nice accent.

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Pretty cool stuff. Would be great in a home theater I think.

Comment by Charlie Shagbaugh

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