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Upcoming Dates by thomas kearns
September 24, 2008, 7:11 pm
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I would like to draw attention to some key dates and milestones that everyone should be working towards.  Ultimately our largest objective is to continue refining the design strategies that support the core concept(s) of your houses, with a major design review scheduled for October 15th the Wednesday before fall break.

For this review you will put together a formal presentation on large format printed boards, size and orientation of your choosing.  Presentations should elegantly and concisely articulate your parti + fundamental concepts, introduce and explicate unique building technologies and strategies (i.e. rainwater harvesting, straw bale construction, green roofing, etc), thoroughly document the design through necessary (but not necessarily complete) plan, sections + elevation drawings, and represent the spatial/material conditions either through renderings of a computer model or a scaled physical model.  The winning presentation boards for the 99k house project are ideal examples of the scope of the presentation and a marker of a desired level of quality/craft.

Prior to this review we will have two milestones that will support your work towards the midterm review.  On Wednesday October 1st students should have completed an initial budget analysis on a co-related set of revised drawings (quantified(drawing takeoffs) + qualified( group researched construction costs-see below).  On Monday October 6th all students should have a revised set of drawings (that reflect value engineering + project refinement post budget analysis-the leaner, meaner … yet still conceptually stable proposal.) with commitments to all necessary building technologies and systematic approaches.

Construction Cost Research
We will be discussing in studio, and organizing the group effort for, a constuction cost investigation.  The objective of the investigation is to clearly and concisely create a rule-of-thumb guide for estimating the cost of your proposals.  We will organize the data as pages (not posts) on the class blog, as such you should understand that your “mini-site” should be worthy of being a public document of record and theoretically should be of value to a large population of designers in practice (therefore accuracy through valid and documented sources is critical)

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