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Concrete Costs by samujan
October 1, 2008, 3:41 pm
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I found a few sites that allow you to do cost estimating. This site allows you to input the width, length and depth of the concrete, and it will tell you the amount of mix you need to cover the slab and the amount of man hours it costs to do the job.

While reading a blog

I noticed a comment that stated: If you’re not building with OSB SIPS(or ICF’s), why are you building?

Another site that allows you to calculate the cost of foundation is:

But you need to find the cost of Concrete per cubic square ft. Costs vary depending on the psi of the concrete. A common psi is 3000 or 3500 sq ft which ranges in price from $80 (midwest) per cubic yard all the way up to $150 (colorado/florida). The costs on the gold coast are also extremely high. Because our project is relatively small it is unlikely you will be cutting a deal with a concrete company but if you did buy it in bulk or often through out a year companies can cut the cost to as low as $72 a yard

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