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Decorative Concrete Costs by samujan
October 1, 2008, 4:10 pm
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What is the price and how much does decorative concrete cost?

Concrete costs are based on:

  • Size – larger jobs will lower the price per square foot. Usually 1000ft +
  • Scope of work – Basic application or detailed work, patterns, inlays etc.
  • Preparation required. To de discussed later.
  • Time frame– overnight or overtime work is more money
  • Products used – Inexpensive hardware store brand vs Professional grade.
  • Experience level of the installer- The more experienced and qualified will tend to charge more for their knowledge, (well worth it!)
  • Union vs Non Union labor

Because I think it would be a waste of time to copy and paste information from this site posted by a guy who has been dealing with concrete for ten years and worked in the US as well as Canada. I will just post the link:

Here you can find ranges of prices for:

Acid stain:, Polished concrete: , Stamped Concrete: , Thin Resurfacing systems:
Stamped Concrete Toppings, Concrete Countertops:, Garage Coatings and Epoxies:,

To find the local contractors for your site for concrete:

For a breakdown of Garage Floor Coating Prices click here

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