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Compact Stairs by mattp614
October 27, 2008, 7:53 pm
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Ee-Stairs makes a really tight stair; the 1m2 takes up just one square meter of floor space (thus the name). They do look a little steep for my elderly target client, but somebody might have a use for them.

Bamboo construction by kongchan4
October 27, 2008, 4:25 pm
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Here are some examples of bamboo construction and connections.  Very interesting stuff! Check out this website for more pictures link

Lot-Ek on Shipping Containers by kongchan4

Doors by mgajdorus86
October 6, 2008, 8:05 pm
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The Interior Door Replacement Company is a company out of California that has a selection of interior doors, closet doors, and glass doors.  Right now, they are offering select hollow core interior doors for $119.00 installed, with a minimum of 4 doors.

Millenia Wall Solutions by mattp614
September 29, 2008, 3:45 pm
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I came across an ad for these at work today.  They look decent for a faux stone system and claim to be made of recycled materials.

Millenia Walls stone wall coverings

Millenia Walls "stone" wall coverings

Solid Surfaces by sarahpfeif
September 29, 2008, 2:51 am
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Solid surfaces are used for countertops. has a list of various companies that specialize in solid surface. The following are some of the ones listed:

LG HI-MACS 1/4″ sheets
Wilsonart Gibraltar
Formica Half-Sheets
House Premium, by

Dovaé, by Chemcore Industries

Formica Premium Grade (PDF)
Mystera Premium Grade (PDF)

3-form by sarahpfeif
September 29, 2008, 1:41 am
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3-Form has many different products that can be used in various places.

Varia: made with ecoresin, the layers are ecoresin, organic, pure color, ecoresin. These layers sandwich together to form a variety of thicknesses. The smallest is 1/16″ and the largest is 1″ in thickness. The price increases with the thickness of course.

Varia comes in different themes which are listed below with a short description:

Organics: plants and other products found in nature

Play: very bright and fun colors, good for healthcare environments

Wood: self explanatory, wood paneling

Moderna: very neutral and used for aesthetics

Graphic: shapes and patterns

Dichroic: ethereal luminance

Pure Color

Woven: small strips of color woven together with strips of similar color to provide a checkered pattern


Surrealism: high resolution photographic patterns

100 Percent Post Consumer Recycled Material: low impact, high design

cut grass

orange slice


night sky

Alabaster: A rich incandescence emanates from this warm and translucent product. Drawing the creamy colors and swirls of pure gypsum into a more flexible polyresin panel, alabaster becomes a rich material alternative for everything from light diffusers to furnishings and privacy panels.

Chroma: A bold solid surface saturated with luminous color. This monolithic material is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced and re-colored again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream.

  • Durable – solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications
  • Formable – can be shaped to accommodate radius curves
  • Renewable – surface can be renewed after years of use
  • Structural – thick and stable for engineered load bearing applications
  • Translucent – amazing clarity for unrivaled light transmission
  • Struttura: structural
    The pricing of each 3-form is different because of its specialization meaning that the price depends on the amount of layers, thickness, product type, etc. This page contains various specifications of the product. I spoke with a rep from the company and he said a good estimate on products is $25 – $35 per sq ft… a little pricey if you ask me

    Greenscreen by cslota
    September 28, 2008, 1:32 am
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    Greenscreen is a company that sells modular wire trellis systems that can be applied in many different configurations, such as columns, curved walls, attached to the facade of a building, etc. This is a solution for creating a light-weight green wall, rather than a “living wall”, so it is probably more cost-effective (checking on pricing) because it does not involve retainting soil vertically or an irrigation system. The idea is that climbing plants that are planned at the base of the system will grow over time through the wire and fill the wire mesh. When the plant has fully developed in the mesh, the shading that its leaves offer cut down on a building’s cooling costs. Another thing is that the mesh makes an architectural statement even when the plant has not yet fully overgrown the fencing.

    The 100K House project on their blog talked about the concept of this system as inspiration for creating their own green wall using standard wire fencing. Read about it here.

    Update: The Greenscreen “Modular Wall-Hung Trellis Panels” cost $10-12/ S.F., with an additional 20-30% for shipping because they are manufactured in California. Also, a good estimate for how much a plant can grow through this system over time is about 5-1/2 feet per year, varying depending on location. There is also a list of recommended climbing plants, please let me know if you are interested.

    Manufacturer References by cslota
    September 26, 2008, 7:50 pm
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    I came across this website that has links to Manufacturers broken down by CSI categories.

    Hope it helps!

    Dual-Flush Toilets by cslota
    September 18, 2008, 12:09 am
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    In an attempt to conserve and salvage the most water possible, here is another solution. This toilet from Caroma USA is a high-efficiency dual-flush toilet. It has two buttons, one that flushes 1.6 gpf, the other 0.8 gpf. According to, the toilet costs about $500.