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Division 4 – Masonry

Masonry Cost Worksheet

We have compiled a list of masonry prices and installation. Types of masonry include, but are not limited to, brick, cmu, masonry veneer, stone, stone facing, glass blocks and gabions. The pricing for masonry materials and installation was fairly consistent overall.  A few helpful websites are listed below:

In compiling research on gabions, I came across the company, Environmesh, that built and supplied the gabions for ZedFactory’s Earth Centre in the United Kingdom (previous blog post). After contacting the company, the commercial director provided an interesting commentary on the use of gabions as structure. Paraphrasing his take on architectural gabion use:  The Earth Centre was built entirely from trapezoidal gabion structural walls 7m high,and was considered a major success but a construction nightmare using internal liners, insulation etc as well as an issue on fire regulations.  What this structure did however was to get Architects here thinking what could be done with steel and stone and in recent years we have designed, engineered and manufactured many schemes where gabions have been used as a rain screen or veneer to buildings and free standing concrete walls. The sizes of the gabions, their specification, the method of installation, the fixings to the object walls and the type of stone fill as well as the expertise of the contractor are all critical in the process to produce the desired quality.

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