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Solid Surfaces by sarahpfeif
September 29, 2008, 2:51 am
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Solid surfaces are used for countertops. has a list of various companies that specialize in solid surface. The following are some of the ones listed:

LG HI-MACS 1/4″ sheets
Wilsonart Gibraltar
Formica Half-Sheets
House Premium, by

Dovaé, by Chemcore Industries

Formica Premium Grade (PDF)
Mystera Premium Grade (PDF)

3-form by sarahpfeif
September 29, 2008, 1:41 am
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3-Form has many different products that can be used in various places.

Varia: made with ecoresin, the layers are ecoresin, organic, pure color, ecoresin. These layers sandwich together to form a variety of thicknesses. The smallest is 1/16″ and the largest is 1″ in thickness. The price increases with the thickness of course.

Varia comes in different themes which are listed below with a short description:

Organics: plants and other products found in nature

Play: very bright and fun colors, good for healthcare environments

Wood: self explanatory, wood paneling

Moderna: very neutral and used for aesthetics

Graphic: shapes and patterns

Dichroic: ethereal luminance

Pure Color

Woven: small strips of color woven together with strips of similar color to provide a checkered pattern


Surrealism: high resolution photographic patterns

100 Percent Post Consumer Recycled Material: low impact, high design

cut grass

orange slice


night sky

Alabaster: A rich incandescence emanates from this warm and translucent product. Drawing the creamy colors and swirls of pure gypsum into a more flexible polyresin panel, alabaster becomes a rich material alternative for everything from light diffusers to furnishings and privacy panels.

Chroma: A bold solid surface saturated with luminous color. This monolithic material is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced and re-colored again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream.

  • Durable – solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications
  • Formable – can be shaped to accommodate radius curves
  • Renewable – surface can be renewed after years of use
  • Structural – thick and stable for engineered load bearing applications
  • Translucent – amazing clarity for unrivaled light transmission
  • Struttura: structural
    The pricing of each 3-form is different because of its specialization meaning that the price depends on the amount of layers, thickness, product type, etc. This page contains various specifications of the product. I spoke with a rep from the company and he said a good estimate on products is $25 – $35 per sq ft… a little pricey if you ask me